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Press Junkie PR Press Kit for Bedstuyle campaign
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Mishthi Music premier of “Intervention” video

Soviet Bhangra Coverage
UrbanAsian reviews Soviet Bhangra
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Remezcla reviews remix for El Freaky & Gyptian’s Summer Now
Brooklyn Radio spotlights Brooklyn Shanti’s remix for Major Lazer’s Lean On
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Bedstuyle Coverage
Urban Asian premiers video for She acoustic
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Echoes cites Bedstuyle as one of its top 25 albums, Oct 2014
Knox News album review
Tube Filter names “This Feeling” a “must watch”
Sounds and Colors premiers “Sun Salutation” video ft. Vanessa Beatriz
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Brooklyn Radio debuts new song & Bedstuyle Collection with BPM Jewelry
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Urban Asian Covers Something Beautiful
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Urban Asian covers “Moner Alo”
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Desi Hits – Rani Rani
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