Our friends at Spin Magazine premiered the Brooklyn Shanti directed video for Atropolis’ “Which Way to Go” featuring vocalist, Carol C (of Si*Sé fame). This is the first in a series of videos directed by the producer/emcee-turned-director set to be released over the course of the next few months. Check out the video and leave your comments on the YouTube page on what you think!

Spin Magazine - Atropolis

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ThisFeeling Cover

Someplace Called Brooklyn releases Brooklyn Shanti & Thornato’s “This Feeling” single featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore June 25, 2013

This Feeling, a collaboration between Brooklyn Shanti and Thornato, started with more than just a feeling two summers ago. The duo had a hunch that if they blended Caribbean and Bengali musical traditions together, they would be onto something…and they were. The result was the global hit, Rani Rani, a Bengali-language dancehall pleaser which landed them front and center as the biggest Tropical Bass duo in Bollywood last summer with the hit Pyaari Pyaari, an appropriation of Rani Rani which was a Bangla and Hindi duet created for the summer film, From Sydney with Love (Pramod Films).

Fast forward to summer 2013, and the duo found themselves drawing attention from Major Lazer and Snoop Lion collaborator, Jahdan Blakkamoore, who instantly took a liking to the song and entered the studio to record an English version alongside Brooklyn Shanti for audiences in the West. In remaining true to the sentiment of the original composition, Blakkamoore translates the Bengali lyrics, about a first time encounter with true love of epic “Bollywood” proportion into a sweet summer love anthem enjoyable by listeners from any and all walks of life. This comes as no surprise, as This Feeling is the first appearance Blakkamoore has made since his release with Snoop Lion on Reincarnated, wherein he helped to carefully craft the messages of hope, love and unity behind the lyrical and melodic intonations of the album.

About Someplace Called Brooklyn:
Founded & managed by Brooklyn Shanti, Someplace Called Brooklyn is a Brooklyn-based boutique art curation, media production, music licensing and event management firm. The firm enlists cultural curators and media producers from across the globe in an effort to create collaborative environments between artists, brands, content creators and distributors which make sense. More information at and

For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview, please contact:
info [at] someplacecalledbrooklyn [dot] com

Critical Praise:
“…he isn’t concerned with whether his music will make top 10 lists. He’s more concerned with whether or not it will last forever.”

“…totally addictive – the rhythms and harmonies just sound amazing, and the sum of the parts is: you donʼt want it to end. Ever.”

“…we need a new word to describe Shantiʼs music…Shanti aims to make music that people will fall in love with…”
– India Currents


Purchase “This Feeling” here:

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Beats for Bangladesh Cover

It’s my honor and pleasure to announce the release of Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album in Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza. I’ve spent the last three weeks with Taz at Mishthi Music curating and executive producing the project. For a donation of $15 (or more), you can download the project. In addition to playing exec producer, I had a chance to compose and contribute a few of my own tracks, and here they are…

Beats for Bangladesh – Brooklyn Shanti ft. Mandeep Sethi, M.C. K~Swift, Sierra Carrere

For the title track for the project, I called upon my Zulu brothers, Mandeep Sethi and M.C. K~Swift along with my Tape Deck Prophets sister, Sierra Carrere. What I was really looking to achieve was a song which encapsulated the the message of humanitarianism over materialism; and a bit of historical correlation between modern day capitalistic rationalizations and the justifications of yesteryear. I didn’t actually rhyme on this one.

Savar (Buried Alive) – Ko the Timeless & Brooklyn Shanti

When a seamstress was found in the rubble 17 days after the factory collapse, it sent me down a path of really dark thoughts. I asked Koushik to voice some of his thoughts as well and I composed this song in a day, trying to put what I felt into words and composition. Koushik rhymed on this one while I sung the hooks and composed the music.

Rani Rani (acoustic) – Brooklyn Shanti with Jahdan Blakkamoore

Jahdan Blakkamoore and I have been working on a lot of different things over the last year, but it all began with a rendition of Rani Rani. This is the first time I’ve decided to release my acoustic version of the song.

Innocence – Genius Mistakes

v:shal kanwar and I have been collaborating together over the course of the last 11 years. Recently, we picked a name for the collaboration and started working on a new body of work. Innocence is the first of many pieces we’ll be slowly releasing this year. We thought it would be fitting to start with an appearance on the compilation.

We had a tremendous outpouring of support from the South Asian American music community on this effort. I want to take a moment to thank every artist involved in this project. Special personal thanks to Thomas Blondet at Rhythm & Culture for helping to mix and master my final tracks.

If you are interested in making a donation, please visit Your money goes here:

Proceeds of the album will go to the on-the-ground organization Bangladeshi Center for Worker Solidarity through the Washington DC based 501c3 organization International Labor Rights Forum.

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“In Bed-Stuy, this Bengali-American rapper brings in musicians from around the world to create fusion hip-hop, mixing traditional Asian, African, and South American roots for a sound uniquely Brooklyn.”

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Beautiful EP
I love summer. I love music. I love backyard parties. I love Brooklyn. This is my ode to falling in love at first sight. Originally, I had released it as “the1shanti” and then yanked it out of circulation. I’ve been playing this out for the past two months and the reaction it has been getting has been amazing. For that reason, I’m re-releasing it as a free download. Hope you enjoy!

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Recap video of Brooklyn Shanti’s live performance at Planet Rock, LA April 20, 2013.

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Online magazine, Pineapple & Milk, covers Brooklyn Shanti in this mini-documentary. Look out for features from Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede and Drop it Steady’s Jeff aka Baldi.

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Note: Links for purchase and reivews at bottom of this post.

I’m super happy to announce the official release of my “Moner Alo” EP featuring Anoura via Dutty Artz. It’s been a tremendous journey, taking Bengali language music around the world the last two and a half years, and this time I make a stop in Africa – more specifically Sierra Leone – for the second song in the trilogy of work I’m presenting about being young and Bengali, fusing global sounds.

Nihal blessed me with a worldwide debut via BBC Radio One:

I went through a tremendous heart break last year. As some of you recall, I tried my best to put it into words and over music… It sucked. Although I had already painted some words about the matter, it wasn’t until I sat down with my roommate, Anoura, that the perfect expression came to me via a frank and sad conversation we had shared. She was on the outside looking in, and encouraged me to speak my heart from the perspective of love, not from the pain I was feeling. The perfect words weren’t in English. They were in Bangla and Spanish.

The original version of the track is produced by Chief Boima and Oro11, who released the instrumental previously as “Talking Drum” under the name Banana Clipz (also included on the iTunes release). A lot of people have asked why there is so much auto-tune in the song, and my answer is that Geko Jones had been playing A LOT of the new music coming out of Nigeria in our studio at the time of the recording, and in terms of style, I wanted to emulate the effect that I was hearing. Seeing that contemporary African music does use the effect quite heavily, I also wanted to create something which would fit in with the music which is popular at the moment in Africa, adding my special Bengali twist, and a bit of Spanish, via Anoura, for good measure. I was asking myself, “Is it possible to convey heart break even through auto tune?” I think the answer is: Yes. What do you think?

Geko Jones and I then quickly went to work on a video concept and we were off to the races, as we switched out camera man roles all around New York. WIthin 48 hours of me editing all of our collected footage, we had a video. What’s up with the shots of Anoura in red? We’ve left the interpretations up to the viewers. This is the first project Geko and I have released to the public under our collaborative moniker, Code Switchers. There’s more. We’ve been holding back, aiming to get this one out before anything else comes your way.

I logged onto iTunes to a pleasant surprise, finding that the EP was categorized under “New and Noteworthy”. It’s a good feeling…this being “noteworthy”. Nabin (my name) translates roughly to “always new” or “always young” or “forever youthful” (so TOUGH finding the correct translations into English) – so that part I’m sorta used to ;)

Moner Alo iTunes cap

As if all of that weren’t enough, my friend Dub Sharma in India sent us a tremendous remix of the tune which didn’t make it over in time to release on the EP. For that reason, we’ve been working with Generation Bass to get the mix out as an exclusive this week so you guys can hear it!

I really hope you enjoy the release. Anoura, Chief Boima, Oro11, Sonora, Ashwin “AKS” Subramanian, Dub Sharma and I *literally* put our hearts into it.


Purchase “Moner Alo” via iTunes
Generation Bass Dub Sharma Remix Exclusive
Sounds and Colours review
Urban Asian review
Sony India’s review

Update: Looks like the release made the front page of the Electronic section in iTunes as well…
iTunes Electronic

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Directed by Code Switchers (Geko Jones & Brooklyn Shanti)
EP release February 19, 2013 via Dutty Artz
Update: The EP is now available via Dutty Artz, on iTunes here.

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I’m pleased to announce that my next EP release, Moner Alo featuring Anoura, will be released officially on Dutty Artz February 19th. The release came together inspired by the Bananna Clipz track Talking Drum, which will also be on the EP. To celebrate, we let it loose via BBC Radio One this past week and the response has been tremendous! More on the release in the weeks to come, but for now I’ll let Nihal introduce the track formally to you:

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