Someplace Called Brooklyn and Rhythm & Culture Music have released Brooklyn Shanti’s latest Bangla EP, “Johto Kotha”, infused with deep moombahton and dancehall vibes! Produced by Thomas Blondet and long time Cumba Mela family collaborator, Thornato! Shanti and Thomas premiered the video with earlier this week and a video for the Thornato remix is set to drop in the new year. Check out the release below and pick it up via Bandcamp or iTunes!

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OkayAfrica premiers Brooklyn Shanti’s sequel to “A Great Day”, a vocal collaboration with Bajah (from the Dry Eyed Crew) and co-producer, TinaKristina, entitled “A Great Night”. Read all about it here.

Listen to the entire EP for “A Great Day” below via the Bandcamp player.

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Diffuser debuts the Rod Morata shot and directed video for 33 1/3 today with a few additional words of insight about the track.

Be sure to also check out the EP release of 33 1/3 via the Bandcamp player below, featuring special remixes by v:shal kanwar and Mr. Jennings.

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I had the pleasure of presenting a bit of my professional history, my outlook on music, and a lot of the new album with the folks at TED last month. Extra special thanks to the crew at TEDxNYIT for including myself and the vocalists from the album in this presentation! I hope everyone enjoys watching the talk / performance as much as Dani Mari, Bajah, TinaKristina, Vanessa Beatriz and I enjoyed presenting our music! Although I didn’t know what exactly I was going to say during the speaking portion of the presentation that morning (I had full on bronchitis [can you tell?] and was prepping to embark upon the record’s promo tour the next day), I guess I spoke enough about Bambaataa’s influence to warrant his name as the de facto title for my segment. Peace and blessings to all my Zulu brothers and sisters & in the grand cosmos of TED “ice bucket” challenges, I now nominate M.C. K~Swift to give a talk of his very own…



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Here are a few pics courtesy of my dear friend, Farah Sosah, from our Subsuelo sponsored joint album release party for myself and Captain Planet. The above video was from the release party and the Red Bull closing season party. Thank you west coast! Hope to see you again very soon!





























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A Great Day

Someplace Called Brooklyn will release “A Great Day” next week with two special remixes. You can pre-order the special release here.

01. A Great Day (Original)
02. A Great Day (Thomas Blondet Edit)
03. A Great Night ft. TinaKristina & Bajah of the Dry Eye Crew

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I’m featured on the new GRAIN album next to my family, Karsh Kale, Monica Dogra, Anoushka Shankar and many more! It’s out now and you can peep a snippet of my track above.

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33 Cover Art

Someplace Called Brooklyn and Rhythm & Culture Music announce the pre-order for Brooklyn Shanti’s “33 1/3″ EP. This release is the next in a long line of successful singles launched from the Bedstuyle album (available now here), and features specialist remixes delivered by v:shal kanwar and Mr. Jennings. Watch this space for the video drop shortly!

01. Album Version
02. v:shal kanwar remix
03. Mr. Jennings remix

You can pre-order the special EP release here, set to drop on October 7, 2014.

+ Download Bedstuyle from iTunes
+ Download Bedstuyle direct with bonus content & CD

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Oct Tour

Brooklyn Shanti’s early October tour dates announced.

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Sometimes the most incredible things happen on the fly. Dani Mari and I mashed up Tycho’s “Awake” with our release, “The Rain” and came up with the above. After hearing it, Carolina Iwanow came down to Washington D.C. with us to shoot the video and a few days later…this collaboration was born. Filmed at 18th Street Lounge, DuPont Circle, and Kitty Su in New Delhi, the video captures *some* (but not all) of the energy Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dani Mari and I have been bringing to crowds on the road while promoting Bedstuyle. Below is the Soundcloud embed, and hey – our friends and Brooklyn Radio premiered the track along with the Bedstuyle Collection with BPM Jewelry yesterday (yay!). Pretty cool, no?


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