I’m featured on the new GRAIN album next to my family, Karsh Kale, Monica Dogra, Anoushka Shankar and many more! It’s out now and you can peep a snippet of my track above.

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33 Cover Art

Someplace Called Brooklyn and Rhythm & Culture Music announce the pre-order for Brooklyn Shanti’s “33 1/3″ EP. This release is the next in a long line of successful singles launched from the Bedstuyle album (available now here), and features specialist remixes delivered by v:shal kanwar and Mr. Jennings. Watch this space for the video drop shortly!

01. Album Version
02. v:shal kanwar remix
03. Mr. Jennings remix

You can pre-order the special EP release here, set to drop on October 7, 2014.

+ Download Bedstuyle from iTunes
+ Download Bedstuyle direct with bonus content & CD

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Oct Tour

Brooklyn Shanti’s early October tour dates announced.

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Sometimes the most incredible things happen on the fly. Dani Mari and I mashed up Tycho’s “Awake” with our release, “The Rain” and came up with the above. After hearing it, Carolina Iwanow came down to Washington D.C. with us to shoot the video and a few days later…this collaboration was born. Filmed at 18th Street Lounge, DuPont Circle, and Kitty Su in New Delhi, the video captures *some* (but not all) of the energy Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dani Mari and I have been bringing to crowds on the road while promoting Bedstuyle. Below is the Soundcloud embed, and hey – our friends and Brooklyn Radio premiered the track along with the Bedstuyle Collection with BPM Jewelry yesterday (yay!). Pretty cool, no?


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Nic Harcourt

It’s an honor and a pleasure to know that Nic Harcourt selected “Midnight in Paris” from Bedstuyle as one of his picks. Sometimes we roll the dice not knowing what we are gambling for. Sometimes we reach the ears of those we know and love unknowingly…

+ Purchase Bedstulye from iTunes
+ Purchase deluxe version and CD

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To celebrate the one month anniversary of the release of Bedstuyle, I’ll be presenting a musical performance at the TED conference being held at NYIT on October 9th.

If you would like to attend, there are very few seats however you can get them here.

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ESL Launch Party

Yes. This Friday, September 12th, Washington D.C.’s 18th Street Lounge will be the place to be. It’s on and poppin’!

+ Purchase Bedstuyle from iTunes
+ Purchase CD from Bandcamp
+ Purchase Bedstuyle Deluxe from Bandcamp

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BPM Jewelry and Brooklyn Shanti announce the Bedstuyle Collection, available now for online order.

+ Visit the online brochure and download the PDF here
+ Visit BPM Jewelry & Brooklyn Shanti’s online store to place orders here

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Someplace Called Brooklyn released Brooklyn Shanti’s “Garden of Ghosts” video today which features songstress, Dani Mari. Brooklyn Shanti’s personal statement below:

“Garden of Ghosts” is the third single from my latest album, Bedstuyle. It features acclaimed vocalist, Dani Mari, and the song continues my thematic narrative describing the changing landscape in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. It is directed and shot by Rod Morata and myself, the video locations were in the heart of Williamsburg and at Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn aka “Bottle Beach” (named for the fact that bottles dating back to the 1920s have been discovered in the bottle-laden landscape constituting the beach’s shoreline). Carolina Iwanow, of BPM Jewelry, created all of the jewelry and did all of the styling for the visuals, and we will be launching the “Bedstuyle” Collection through BPM Jewelry on 9/9/14 along with the album and this video.”
– Brooklyn Shanti

The video made its premier today at Pop Matters where you can check out the write up or simply have a look below.

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The day has finally come – all of the hard work has led to this moment. I want to thank all of the artists who appear on Bedstuyle, and my friends at Someplace Called Brooklyn as well as Rhythm and Culture Music for making this effort possible.

We scored the “New and Noteworthy” section on iTunes today:

There are two ways you can get a hold of the album today:

+ Click here to order via iTunes
+ Click here to purchase the album on CD (includes immediate download of the digital “deluxe” album)
+ Click here to download the “Deluxe” version of the album from Bandcamp

What’s the difference between the iTunes version and Bandcamp? I’ve included a special EP, Bedstuyle Extended, with the Bandcamp download and CD purchase for you if you purchase directly from myself or Someplace Called Brooklyn.

Wanna give it a listen? Use the embedded player below to give the album a spin!

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